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Send an email to with the words CUSTOMS BROKER in the subject line to get set up in less than 24 hours to  import into the USA.  Do this before the cargo is shipped from overseas.  If the cargo has arrived please include all arrival paperwork.

All shipments that sail from foreign on June 30, 2016, and after to the United States must have ISF filed 24 hours before the goods are loaded onto the foreign vessel. If past 24 hours, the customs ISF is considered late and CBP will have the right to issue fines and penalty against the Importer and their bond in the amount of $5000.00 for each violation. No more warnings will be issued. This is a nationwide policy.

Effective January 26, 2010, all ocean shipment destined for the US will require an Importer Security Filing ( ISF or 10+2) 24 hours prior to container loading at the foreign port. Importers that have not filed could be penalized by US Customs. Please speak to a Lufran International account representative for details.

Our Rates for Customs Brokerage Services

Required Documents for ISF Filing

Should you want us to proceed with ISF filing we will need you provide the below documents:

  1. Power of attorney and return it back to us in pdf format, (I have included a POA for a company and for individual importer) Customs Broker Power of Attorney  
  2. Commercial invoice (with HS codes) and value declared
  3. Packing list
  4. Vessel information Bill of Lading or Air Waybill


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