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Make Your Home Moving Easier

Moving to a new home is a strenuous activity that requires thorough planning and preparation.  This checklist of activities may help you consider the issues that have to be addressed to take the stress out of moving house:

What types of services you will need depends on the volume of your cargo and the distance to your new home.

  • Arrangements with Utilities - you will have to make arrangements with the water, power, gas, and phone utilities to cut their services after you have moved.  The utilities in your new home have to be ready and available when you move in. The phone calls you will receive in your former residence after you move may have to be forwarded to your new number or to your cell phone.  You will have to do the same for cable services or security services if you have them.
  • Packing - have a packing station where you keep your packing materials and do the actual packing.  Label your packs on at least two sides. Separate the things you will immediately use after your move-in like personal hygiene and items for the first night.  Most often, these are the things you need on the last few nights on your current home before the move. Mark the packing or boxes of these essential items with a star or something (Day One is good, too).  Your pet cannot pack for himself, be sure you consider him. There are companies which offer services for your packing activities. You may also need to engage the services of a cleaner after you move out.
  • Moving - using your own pick-up truck may be enough if you only have a few boxes and you are moving to a new home within the same state or locality.  In such a case, the move should take only a couple of return trips to your new home. But in most cases, you will need the services of something like a two-men-and-a-truck type of company for your home move.  

Some packing companies also have moving vans and it will be advantageous is you talk to the same people.  In cases where you are moving cross state, you may need a company of a considerable size and which has a long experience in home moving services.  In cases where you will move to a different time zone, or you will move abroad, you will have to consider logistics or freight companies. You may have to consider sea freight or air freight, based on your budget (air freight may cost more, but not always), the frequency of shipments (air freight has more flights compared to weekly sea-going trips), and speed (air freight is faster).  You should consider a 3PL or a 4PL company for more convenience in arranging your move across the US or abroad.

Third-party logistics providers (3PL) and fourth-party logistics providers (4PL) are integrators which consolidate the services that you will need.  Dealing with them will reduce the stress from negotiating with several companies to make your house move. Tracking your things will also be easier with logistics providers through current technologies with the internet and your smartphones.

  • Think Beyond Your Home - there may be things you left somewhere or things that have to be arranged with your move (school, cleaners, clubs, gyms, libraries, the Postal Service, the neighbor).  

Freight-Calculator hopes that these ideas on your house move will be of help.  We have other tips for the home on our website. If you are looking for a new home, please consider us in your search.

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