LCL Shipping

LCL Shipping

Things to Know About LCL Shipping

When you are into business and need to send some products to a client, you may have been faced with a dilemma: should you consider full container load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL)?

If what you are shipping to your client is not that much, or cannot fill up one full container, LCL is the one you should opt for. This shipping option means that your product will only be occupying a certain space in the container. Thus, there are other products of other entrepreneurs that may be included along with your shipment.

The LCL shipping type is also known as a shared mechanism wherein a consolidator will be the one who will gather the products from different shippers and have them shipped using the same container.

As part of that particular container load, you will only be paying a minimum rate when you are considering LCL shipping. Meanwhile, if you have exceeded the maximum weight allowed for such a rate, you will be charged based on the dimension or the area that your products occupy inside the container.

Deciding to go for LCL has its own advantages. You may check them out in the following list:

It is more affordable than the other option. While LCL appears more expensive than FCL in terms of a full container rate, you can never deny the fact that it is more affordable. When your product for shipping is only limited to a few pieces, you will not be burdened of paying for the entire container-load.

It is highly flexible. With LCL shipping, you will not be forced to ship products enough to occupy all spaces inside the container. In short, you will only pay according to how much space you have occupied in the container. Unlike FCL shipping, you have no choice but to pay for the entire load capacity.

Delivery is more convenient. When you are going to import some goods, delivery is more convenient if you choose the LCL type. The goods will be delivered to you via a truck. You can even ask for a smaller truck if you think that a huge one cannot get through your delivery address. In short, unloading will just be easy. However, with FCL, the goods will be delivered via a container on a gigantic truck. You can expect that the unloading of goods will be difficult.

Inventory of products or goods is low. The chance of experiencing over inventory is far from happening because you can keep your stocks lean. The fact that you are only getting a small shipment, it means that you can consume such at a short period.

Splitting of shipments is easier. If you are sending shipments to different locations, it will be easier if you are getting LCL shipping. You can split such and get them shipped to the intended recipients through different containers. This is easier and more convenient rather than paying for a number of FCLs going to various destinations.

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LCL Shipping
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