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Ocean Shipping

Ocean Shipping: 5 Tips When Moving Overseas

Moving from one place to another may be exciting at the onset but once you start to realize the amount of work that needs to be done to facilitate the moving process, you can feel overwhelmed. All the more if you have to move to a different country. Aside from the physical demands of moving out, you also have to consider the costs involved like freight cost for air shipping or for ocean shipping.

Here are five simple tips suggested by Freight-Calculator to make your overseas transfer smooth and hassle-free.

  1. Check the rules and regulations pertaining to shipments of the destination country. Check the process on how you can clear your personal properties at customs. Also, check if you need special permits before you load your cargo. Ocean shipping and freight rules can be really fiddly. There are countries which require certain documentation so that you won’t have to pay taxes again. In other countries, there are specific items you are prohibited to bring. Make some time researching on these matters or if not, you can seek the services of a broker at that country to help you verify these pieces of information.
  2. If you want to ensure your belongings when moving overseas, it’s practical and logical to take photos of every item you’ll ship. In the event that you need to file for an insurance claim, you can use these photos as proof.
  3. Make sure to pack your cargoes securely and safely. When shipping containers are loaded, these cargoes are moved swiftly so if you don’t pack it well, there is a very high chance that the same will be damaged or spilled while in transit.
  4. Remember to fill in every space in the cargo. If there are huge spaces between things inside a package, when it moves, there’s a high chance for damage. The same principle follows in terms of putting personal stuff into your moving boxes. If these things will move back and forth while inside your box, you can expect them to be damaged when you receive them at the destination.
  5. To secure a cargo, make use of cargo straps. The wooden ones used for dunnage may be tempting to use since it’s easier to access, however, these wooden packaging might need to be stamped or heat treated at the destination, depending on that place’ regulations. If customs find out that these pieces of wooden packaging are not treated, you might need to pay steep fines.

Also, to avoid overspending on ocean shipping freight, you can coordinate with your mover or with the shipper and ask for a price quotation on the packages that you will have to send. Maximize every space you have in your moving boxes and cargoes so that you can save on the freight cost.

Moving overseas can indeed be very stressful and costly but once you have everything planned, from packaging to costing and actual moving, you lessen the stress and the cost by leaps and bounds.

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