Short for Roll-on/roll-off ships, RORO is a type of sea vessel which is specifically used to load and transport wheeled cargoes. This kind of sea vessel is not the same with lo-lo, short for lift on-lift off ships. The latter kind is also specifically used to load cargoes, but with the use of a crane.

With built-in ramps, motor vehicles are loaded into, and unloaded from, the RORO ship. Usually, these built-in ramps are placed on the ship’s backside and towards the ship’s stern. Then again, there are certain kinds of ships which place the built-in ramps on the sides and on the ship front. RORO vessels can either be a civilian ship type or a military one.

History of Ro-ro Ships

This type of sea vessel was built during the 19th century with the sole purpose of transporting huge and wide trains across rivers. Firth of Forth is a classic example of a vintage ro-ro ship. This vessel started to operate in 1851. Its rails were placed inside the ship so that the same can be easily connected with the rails on land. As such, when it has to be loaded on the vessel, the train will simply roll inside the ship and then roll-off on the opposite end of the same ship.

Weighing 75,100 gross ton (GT), MS Color Magic is the world’s largest roll-on/roll-off commercial passenger vessel. It started operating for Color Line last September 2007. The said RORO ship was created and perfected by Aker Finnyards in Finland. MS Color Magic is 35 meters wide, 224 meters long, and has the capacity to hold almost 1,300 lane meters of cargoes and to carry almost 600 cars.

In terms of car-carrying capability, nothing will compare to the RORO passenger ship vessel named Ulysses. It got its name from a famous novel written by author James Joyce and is a property owned by the Irish Ferries. It started operating on March 25, 2001, and it was in service between Holyhead and Dublin, and vice-versa. It is almost 32 meters wide, almost 210 meters long, and weighs about 50,938 gross ton (GT). In terms of car and cargo carrying capacities, Ulysses can carry almost 4,200 lane meters of cargo and almost 1,350 cars.

Advantages and Benefits of RORO Vessels

RORO vessels have a wide array of benefits and advantages not only for businesses like Freight-Calculator but for those engaged in export, import, trucking, and hauling. Among its many benefits and advantages are the following:

  • For those engaged in the shipping business, RORO provides the speed advantage. Since lorries and cars can just be driven towards the ship while on port and just also be driven off when it’s time to unload in another port, there is a huge amount of time saved by the shipper.
  • Aside from that, RORO ships can easily integrate into other forms of transport development like containers. With custom-sealed units available for use, frontiers can be easily crossed and navigated sans the delay.
  • RORO ships have also become very popular among private vehicle owners and among holidaymakers. The ship itself has been a great contributed to the tourism industry of each area they travel to. Any car owner can just take his vehicle with him if he wants to travel by sea to any destination country or city.
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