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Transportation Management

Transportation Management

For organizational decision-makers responsible for key business decisions in operating a fleet, transportation management services from Last Mile Logistics can save you money, time, and headache. We are a TMS provider, obtaining superior results with our superior proprietary technology to manage and move every shipment on behalf of the clients we serve. Let us take the load off your shoulders!

The Nightmare of Managing Shipments

Business leaders and decision-makers just don't have the time or resources to face all the issues that come with operating a fleet of trucks. As a business owner or decision-maker, you want to spend your very limited time and resources addressing the matters that can really make your business grow. Yet, you probably find yourself constantly being faced with:

  • high operational costs
  • managed trips and orders
  • monitored driver performance
  • planning vehicle maintenance
  • trying to decrease vehicle downtime
  • addressing safety issues
  • worrying about vehicle theft
  • dealing with breakdown
  • praying that accidents don't happen

This is where Last Mile Logistics intelligent transportation management system comes in to play. By utilizing our TMS technology, we provide an end-to-end vehicle-to-infrastructure system designed to address the challenges and setbacks of modern-day transportation and management of vehicles. Our solution either minimizes or eliminates the problems and concerns that owners and decision-makers have to deal with regarding their transportation needs.

We Provide a Platform for More Efficient Transportation

As your intermediary, we contract only the best and most trusted truck equipment operators, providing you with a viable, practical platform for the physical movement of goods that puts decision-makers in a much better position to manage and optimize their transportation fleets. You'll be able to better transport inbound and outbound shipment freight by utilizing Last Mile Logistics route planning, load building, carrier management, yard management, order visibility, and other useful TMS solutions.

How Can Transportation Management Services from Last Mile Logistics Benefit Your Organization?

Our solution integrates seamlessly into order management and warehouse management, as well as with your purchasing systems, CRM, SRM, and other systems for managing transport. With our TMS solution, your organization will be able to plan and control its shipments and choose the most efficient and cost-effective routes, load optimization, and more.

Overall, you'll have better supply chain visibility. With transport management services from Last Mile Logistics, you'll be able to monitor and keep track of the lifecycle of your orders in real time from a convenient and highly-functional user dashboard. Not only will this provide you with an accurate and detailed forecast of your inventory, but it will also increase accountability throughout the supply chain network.

Contact Last Mile Logistics to Get Started

Using our TMS means that you want your organization to save money, increase profitability, and have access to real-time supply chain visibility. That is exactly what Last Mile Logistics has developed its TMS solution to do. Our TMS serves shippers, manufacturers, e-commerce organizations, wholesalers and 3PL companies. If you would like to learn more about what our transportation management solution can do for your business, we invite you to start the conversation by phone or by email today.


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Transportation Management Transportation Management