"Our Reputation is Our Most Valued Asset Since 1991" 


4 months ago
I own SAG Performance Group Angola, IN. You can contact me if you like to see this is true honest review, not made up. I have used this company for around 10 years to ship many heavy pallets 600-1200 pounds and even an entire car to many countries all over the world. They have never failed me. I would highly recommend. Also, not to mix religion with business but I suspect this company has a moral code based on God which is helpful. Dealing with a company that its management/culture has no conscience and does not believe in a higher power or a moral law can be dangerous.

3 months ago
I had a hard time getting a crate with a fragile seashell mirror in it from Florida to Italy. I called and called, finding only one shipper who would offer door to door service, but the price was outrageous. I received a call back from …
3 months ago
Virginie De Jaham, Sales & Operations, Lufran International made all the Shipping arrangements for my personal and household goods from Los Angeles, CA to Toronto, Canada. I wish I could give 10 stars for the service she provided -- she …
4 months ago
The service and efficiency was excellent!!! Thanks to Virginia & Fiorella, who were on top throughout the process with utmost professionalism.
6 years ago
Dear Mr. Mondragon,

Thank you for your empathy with shippers like me. We do want to attain the best value for money in the market.

am very satisfied with the work that you and your team has done for me. All the complications and specific requirements were dealt with in the most professional manner. Moreso, all my requests have been responded in a timely manner.

A bit of a suggestion though : I really wanted to have a tracking schedule for all of my shipments. I have enrolled myself in the APL website, and to this date, they have not updated my personal profile considering that my shipment has already arrived its destination. Also, it might be a good idea to involve pricing from your competitors -- a good marketing tool for your customers since it projects transparency. You will surely make your customers feel secure, knowing that they got the best service at the best price.

Kudos to APX, to you, to Pierre, and to Alejandra. More power...

Edward Gross
2 months ago
I would recommend this shipping company called global max network international to anybody that wanted to ship goods by freighter. The ladies that helped me walk through the process and they were great Virginia was the lead person and she checked on me all the time. I had some big mistakes on my online application when I sent them to Virginia and she called me right away and walk me through the application process. I had put down several things that did not match up for what they needed in the paperwork she really was great I’d recommend her to anyone for the shipping . She constantly kept me in the loop as to what’s going on through email and she was precise so I understood everything and if I didn’t she would explain it until I did. I did the paperwork online then submitted it to them and the way we went :-) all the way up until they picked the boxes up service was great.
I’m 74 years old and I for the first time was shipping something from Seattle Washington to Manila Philippines they made that really simple from the application to the final process. When I got all my pallets loaded I notified her that they could pick them up now and she notified me right away of the time and date they were coming to get the pallets it was a pretty quick date. Anybody wanting to ship stuff through freighter this is the company to do it well. Lauren


From: r.morgan (US Military)

To: Pierre

Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 11:51 AM

Subject: Re: Dock Receipt 454009

Thank for your support I will tell other about the outstanding service I received from your company. And yes the attached document open up.

MR. Morgan


Dear Lyann


Terrific Job! Thanks for the reply.    You are the first company that seems to provide serious quotes and works out details others ignore. I feel confident you know what you are doing.  I’ll certainly meet the Nov 29th deadline.  I see the shipment will go to Hong Kong to pick-up the freight to Chongqing.  I’m impressed as everyone else only went to Shanghai and the transfer there made it almost impossible to ship things upstream to Chongqing. You certainly did your homework and I feel comfortable in your hands.

Have couple issues as I recently did a complete “weigh-in” of everything and see it has grown to about ~220 kg instead of the original indicated 167 kg.  Will that make a difference?

Second,  Have a question about the packing list detail.  I’ll have things in boxes and cartons and since they are “personal effects” the contents will be varied and numerous. Imagine your suitcase contents.  The “sturdy” plywood container I have constructed and am filing  is exactly a 1 meter cube. The skids use treated wood, and are so indicated and properly stamped. .

I have looked at your on line “Packing List” and could use that, assigning smaller items as “Box Numbers” or email my own separate listing with weight and value. I can estimate and list  the value of each box contents  or item.  Most of the goods will be a large variety of used and a few new items (bedding and hardware)  I’d like to have in China, but can’t afford excess baggage on an airline.

No intention of “importing” items for sale.  I plan on setting up a residence in Chongqing and want these items (and more later)  to continue the pursuit of my hobbies and retirement there.  Included will be household items (pots/pans), hand tools, SOHO things and older desktop computer with monitor & printer.   So I really need some guidelines on how detailed and  what Chinese customs expects to see for “personal effects” or Household Items. Have read the restrictions of China and have no issues with that. Will probably be present when the Box arrives in Chongqing.

I can list each smaller box or large item (Tool Box, Computer etc. ) with an identifying number and value of contents and perhaps have a list of um, 20 items/(Boxes)  total,  rather than a single  Generic listing of:

1)      “Household items  and Personal Effects.   Value   $1000.”

I doubt single listing that would fly, so I look for your experience to guide me.

I’ll call you soon  for some additional advice on that,  and today I’ll continue to take inventory on the box. I’m new at this so I appreciate your patience and help guiding me through the process.

Glad to have made association with your company and look forward doing business.

Regards, and Thanks Again,


Harbor City, CA


Dear Gwladys,

By way of follow-up, we are actively working to pull together the Air Freight of 2 seats--still going thru manufacturing.

We are at least week away.  Will advise as soon as we know.

Also, a note of thanks for all of your successful efforts in achieving the timely shipment of all 5 containers for March. All went as planned and scheduled.  Please extend our thanks to the APX team on our behalf.

Currently, our next (2) 40'HC containers for loading are scheduled for May 16th, 2011.  How soon will you need an alert from us to go with the May 16th for (2) 40' HC?

Best Regards,
Project Manager

Subject: Many, many thanks

I wanted to thank each of you (I think I got everyone!) for all of the work you did and advice you provided in getting our container both delivered, picked up, and importantly shipped with ALL of our belongings…including the long-awaited arrival of the new bedroom furniture.
Both John and I are very appreciative of your efforts.  It was a bit nip and tuck what with the longshoreman’s strike, the oft promised, and then delayed arrival of the furniture and the getting everyone organized to actually load the container.
I can honestly say that I could not have done it without you all.  Please pass on my gratitude to others that assisted as well.
Gwen and John
…current location: Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
      …soon to set sail for Auckland via Royal Caribbean Cruise lines.

From: Kristen Vega

Date: February 25, 2011 11:02:26 AM EST

Subject: RE:  # 1084862 PRE-ALERT

Hi!  I hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to write and thank you for all of your help.  We finally got our shipment yesterday and everything came through safe and sound.  It took us over a week to get all the paperwork done at this end to get the shipment out.  I can't believe how easy it was to work with you to schedule everything, while here the paper work and red tape was horrible.  But the people at Train Peru were much more helpful, once we told them that we were in contact with you.  :-)  So thanks again for everything.  It is such a relief to see that everything made it in good shape.  You were very knowledgeable and patient to work with.  So if anyone ever asks me to recommend a shipping company, I know that you guys would be a good one to recommend.  Thanks for everything and God bless you with your baby.  Enjoy your pregnancy!  It gets uncomfortable in these last few months, but it is such a special time, and soon you'll have your baby in your arms.  
God bless you,
Kristen Vega

Hi andy,

Thanks a lot for your follow-up.

I am just an occasional shipper / individual and as such quite ignorant about shipping. However, I can say that your on-line quote and shipping procedure worked very well for me.

One quick phone call to clarify AES filing question and all else was on-line and via email. Very smooth :-)

Provided that my box reaches its destination in good shape, you can book an A+

J. Skovbjerg


Dear Virginie

Many thanks for this.  I have spoken to Kevin  in Spain, the importer of record, and he will be able to arrange clearance and collection from Malaga airport; also this will reduce the total charges considerably.  Would you be kind enough to ensure that the Malaga agent contacts Kevin  to confirm arrival in Malaga.
I have also been in contact with Rod in Florida, and he confirms pick-up on Monday 20 August.
I am most impressed by your service in handling what for you must be a rather small job, but which for us will solve a considerable family problem - obtaining the original quote from you on the Internet was so easy, and you have made everything very straightforward for us; please express my thanks to all who have been involved.
Kind regards


Yes, I got my conformation. crates have been shipped.

My first contact with your company was through an online quote system. George Gabriel returned my e-mail, called to make sure i got it. and baby sat me from start to finish. George looked after me, answered every question, solved every problem before they became problems. George answered e-mail questions during the day and even when i sent an e-mail at night............ he answered it that night. WOW! I asked him about that. he told me he's very busy and has to stay on top of things.

Whatever George gets paid, is probably not enough for the amount of time he puts in and the service he provides.

He really took a load off for me.

yours truly
Robert Draper


Dear Mr. Mondragon,

Thank you for your empathy with shippers like me. We do want to attain the best value for money in the market.

 am very satisfied with the work that you and your team has done for me. All the complications and specific requirements were dealt with in the most professional manner. Moreso, all my requests have been responded in a timely manner.
A bit of  a suggestion though :  I really wanted to have a tracking schedule for all of my shipments. I have enrolled myself in the APL website, and to this date, they have not updated my personal profile considering that my shipment has already arrived its destination. Also, it might be a good idea to involve pricing from your competitors -- a good marketing tool for your customers since it projects transparency. You will surely make your customers feel secure, knowing that they got the best service at the best price.
Kudos to you, to Pierre, and to Alejandra. More power...
Edward Gross


Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 2:49 PM
Subject: Re: Fw:  - FCL # 0635829

Hi George,

I really appreciate the exceptional service that you and your company provided to me today.  Your urgent attention to our quotation needs on such a limited timeline speaks volumes for your customer service abilities.

We will be hearing from our customer before the end of the week. I will let you know when we are ready to book this shipment.

Please forward this to your supervisor/manager with my compliments...

Thanks again,

Randyyy W. Kovalick
Weaver Aero International, Inc.



From: Larry Phipps

Sent: Monday, August 28, 2006 7:31 PM

Subject: Re: FCL # 0467236

Thanks andy:

We need more CEO's like you.  I'm glad to know that "Customer Service" isn't a thing of the past.

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you when you get a firm number.  I'll  probably need storage for up to 2-3 months.  I'll try and check some other storage arrangements and see what sounds like the easiest and more cost effective way to go with my stuff on the Panama end. 

If I arrange for pickup on Oct. 8-9 then if 30 days is about average shipping time,  I'll need to do something with my boat and boxes from early Nov. to early Jan. 2007.

 Shoot me an email when you have more info and I'll book the shipment.  I also may want to talk to you about possibly doing some shipping back to the States from Panama.

 Thanks again.

 Larry Phipps


Dear andy

Good morning.  i just wanted to let you know that my 2 crates have arrive in NZ in excellent form.  thank you and your colleagues for making this so easy.  really makes me wonder why i was dragging my feet to do this for so long.

I really appreciate the help and ease of it all.  I hope i won't be moving again for a while, but, will keep you in mind if by

take care and all the best for the new year




From: Meghan Barnett

To: andy

Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2006 11:30 AM

Subject: Shipment Inspection

Dear andyyy,

I’m happy to hear that the Greece shipment is scheduled to arrive to the Athens port today and want to thank you and the entire APX crew for your hard work and dedication in seeing this through.

Thank you,



Dear Ms. Virginie
I want to take this opportunity to  write a short critique of my experience in using your services in shipping our belongings to Costa Rica.
Generally speaking I am a person who doesn't enjoy being out of my comfort zone. As you may be aware, from the time of our initial contact to actual employing your services, I had great trepidation and angst in shipping our belongings. The HORROR stories that I had heard from others who had shipped personal belongings to foreign destinations, from difficulties in the initial securing of services, to packing and warehousing, to getting the goods to port, delays in the actual shipping, to destination delivery and customs.
With all these thoughts not so subtlety placed in my psyche my wife and I went forward in what I truly believed was going to be another possible "mistake of a life time".
As with most human beings I do not like to be 'WRONG' but was I ever!!!!!
From the time we entered into the agreement to the final delivery of our belongings YOU and your staff were wonderful. You surpassed my expectations, which were very high. You were able to walk me through the process, explain procedure and protocol, and make the beginning process easier than any of my previous moving experience. Your support staff assisted in helping me with documentation and paper work, your warehouse people were wonderful in the transfer and storage of my belongings. I could not have been nor was I more please with the service and attention I received.

I would like to single out Ms. Betty Torres as you are aware is an employee here in Costa Rica.
I believe that it is unfair to call her an employee she ,I would insist,  is an ambassador for your company. From the first time my wife and I were in contact with her we felt comfortable acknowledging  we were in good hands prior to leaving for and upon our arrival in Costa Rica. Ms. Torres was able to both help and explain the process we were going to encounter once our property arrived in port and then transported to customs. Betty eased any concerns we may have had with a calmness and knowledge that comes with being a confident and experienced professional.
She helped walk us through the steps and procedures for inventorying our property on the shipping list, explanation of property values and expected import duty and taxes.
Betty , we call her Betty instead of Ms. Torres because we consider her a friend, went I believe beyond the call of duty. She personally took us to the customs warehouse, stood over and assisted in the removal of our property from the container, inspected the packing as it was stored in the secure area, and inspected for possible damage. When a couple to procedural glitches developed at customs Betty was able to step up and give explanations that were accepted and eliminated.
When the properties were  inventoried and inspected ,Betty, again rolled up her sleeves and oversaw the loading of our goods from the security area into the truck delivering the shipment to our home. Betty and her husband escorted our belongings to our home and again oversaw the unloading of  and placement within our home of the boxes, packages and furniture. all of which I TRULY HAD NEITHER EXPECTED BUT WAS MORE THAN IMPRESSED WITH.
Betty is ,from a person who at one time had 250 employees, more than an employee, more than a good worker she is the foundations that great  business reputations are built.
Betty is not a diamond in the rough she is a full facetted ,gem quality, expertly cut and polished ,Tiffany gem stone.
In closing thank all of you and if these e-mails can, and should, be passed up the latter of supervisors all the way to the CEO  I would suggest they are.
S. Golden
Costa Rica


From: Lisa C P / Tufts University
To: "Virginie" 
Sent: Monday, August 28, 2006 3:01 PM
Subject: Re: APX Invoice 448037

Thanks, Virginie.
You've been a great help and a very nice person to deal with.  You're really patient, too.

Take care!



Dear andy,

Yes, I feel that your program accurately quoted my shipping requirements for the proposal I am working on. I was very impressed with the ease of use and the accuracy... Excellent job. 

This job wont be shipped for almost a year, but if we win the work I would be happy to supply your proposal to our
purchasing department for review.

Thank you very much,

Rob Zerwick



Dear Sir:

I am really honored to receive the prompt reply from the director. I convey my sincere thank to you.


 Manish Joshi



Dear Gwladys,

First of all, let me admit you have been of great help and it’s as though we knew each other. Your customer service has been excellent and very efficient. Top marks Gwladys! Thanks for the information. This quote includes crating the machine and moving it to the shipping yard.  Please confirm. That being the case, you will need to add the other amount for shipping to Dubai as per quotation and I will send the total amount once. Please advise your bank details where I should wire payment. Do you accept western union payments? It takes a day to get there and it’s the fastest.

Once again, I greatly appreciate your services Gwladys. You are a star!

Over to you now.

James Mahugu

Nairobi, Kenya



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