PROCEDURE: In addition to this Vehicle Export Declaration we will need to submit all the export information to US Customs in the form of a Shippers Export Declaration.  The ship will not load the container if not received on time.  We will process the Shippers Export Declaration for you.
A. In addition to the original title we will need the following  to process your CAR rapidly  with US Customs:
1) EMAIL or text  the Title front and back to or text to 3058153619
2) EMAIL picture I.D.

4) MAIL THE ORIGINAL TITLE OR MSO to CAR EXPORT HUB DEPT. 2250 NW 96th Avenue, Suite 201, Miami FL 33172  · TEL 305-815-3619 and the export power of attorney form
B. We send you the Booking Number and Dock Receipt.  We will provide you with a BOOKING NUMBER, SAIL DATE in the clean DOCK RECEIPT so you can bring the car to the dock or load the car in the container.
C. Once you load the car inside the container or the vehicle deliver the car to the port or deliver the car to our warehouse, you must send the stamped dock receipt to or call us with the SEAL NUMBER and the CONTAINER number.
D. We will send you a copy of the bill of lading 1 to 2 week after ship has sailed and mail you the original title to you.



VIN# ____________________________________    


TITLE# ________________________      




MAKE: ________________________    


MODEL: _____________________  YEAR: ____

I have been advised that vehicles / boats are placed on board on a space available basis.  I appreciate that depending on the

volume of cargo received by the Carriers for shipment, there may be a delays before the shipment will arrive at the port of  destination.

I have been advised that vehicles/boats/masts may be carried as containerized cargo, hold cargo, or on deck cargo. 

In the latter, I understand my cargo is subject to “at sea” atmospheric conditions.

I declare that no fuel tank on this vehicle is more than ¼ full. (Reference U.S.C.G. Regulation Number 176.905 (d)

I certify the vehicle is clean of any soil and does not contain any personal belongings inside.

I declare the following as a contact address/telephone number for shipper of this shipment:


Shipper Name: __________________________


Street Address: ______________________________________


City, State, ZIP Code: _________________________________


TEL NUMBER: ____________________________


Signature: ________________________________  Date:____________


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