Elevating the Freight Forwarding Experience with Freight-Calculator.com

Freight forwarding is an essential part of international trade, and at Freight-Calculator.com, we've innovated the process to offer a user-centric and efficient service. Our platform employs advanced technology and streamlined operations, setting us apart from traditional freight forwarders, and offering a comprehensive solution to all your freight needs.

Effortless and Efficient LCL Shipping:

Unlike traditional processes, we've upgraded the booking process for Less than Container Loads (LCL) to adhere to FMC rules. Our system ensures that bookings are completed with utmost precision three working days in advance. You can trust our operations team to provide all relevant information within 24 to 72 hours, including terminal address, sailing date, and voyage number.

We prioritize the security of your cargo. Thus, we provide a booking number before delivery to safeguard your shipment. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive palletizing service to protect your personal effects, ensuring a safe journey from our station to the recipient.

Uncomplicated FCL Shipping:

We have revolutionized Full Container Loads (FCL) shipping by integrating the quote request and booking confirmation seamlessly online. Our email confirmation includes all essential details, including the container delivery date, sailing and arrival dates. All our quotes adhere strictly to FMC rules, ensuring there are no unexpected cost increases.

We provide 'live load' service in our quotes, giving you two free hours to load the container at your location. For extended periods, we offer affordable options. Should you need the container to remain at your place for up to four days, we provide that flexibility with a simple adjustment to the drayage charge.

Innovative Online Container Ordering:

Post dispatch, you can easily record the container and seal numbers. Expect your bill of lading via email 1-2 weeks post vessel departure. Boasting operations from over 50 inland stations in every port across the USA, we can arrange containers anywhere in the country and ship globally, offering an edge over conventional freight forwarders.

Streamlined Documentation Process:

In line with the Homeland Security Act, we assist you in meeting all US Customs requirements. Failure to comply can lead to cargo loading delays, which we diligently help you avoid. From assisting with packing lists, invoices, to the Shippers Export Declaration (SED) for high-value cargo, we've got you covered. For vehicle exports, we also facilitate the Export Power of Attorney and Vehicle Declaration Form, further streamlining the process.

Transit times range between 12 to 45 days based on the destination. All our rates are quoted following the carrier tariff, and we ensure our figures remain valid for 30 days and are always prepaid, offering you full transparency.

User-Friendly Resources:

Our FAQ section on our website is a reservoir of knowledge. It helps you navigate through quote acquisition, shipment booking, packing requirements, contact details, container options, and understanding the legality of exports.

At Freight-Calculator.com, we make international shipping hassle-free. As an NVOCC, we strive to enhance your experience when arranging your international move from the USA. With us, you are choosing the future of freight forwarding.


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