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Moving internationally is a big step, whether it's for a new job, a fresh start, or just an adventure. It's exciting but can also feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to moving your belongings across borders.  Entrusting your lifelong belongings for shipping to the right people is key.
In this blog, we'll break down the essentials of moving your stuff overseas. We'll cover how to pack smartly, decide between Less Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) shipping options, understand the nitty-gritty of customs regulations, and how using Freight Calculator's international moving services can make your journey smooth and worry-free.

Why Do Americans Move Internationally?

Did you know that according to the Association of Americans Resident Overseas (AARO), an estimated 5.4 million Americans lived abroad in 2023? And a Gallup poll in 2022 found that about 15% of Americans wanted to leave the US permanently.  That's a lot of people moving! But why?

Seeking New Opportunities

Many Americans move abroad to chase new job opportunities.  Companies around the world offer positions that can't be found at home, providing unique career advancements and the chance to gain international work experience.

Desire for Adventure and Cultural Experience

A sense of adventure drives some people to live overseas.  They're drawn to the idea of exploring new cultures, learning new languages, and experiencing life in a completely different setting.  This desire for a global perspective and personal growth motivates them to take the leap.

Searching for a Better Quality of Life

Others move in search of a better quality of life.  This could mean living in a place with a lower cost of living, better healthcare, or a more relaxed lifestyle. The goal is to find a balance that they feel is missing in the United States, whether it's for their own well-being or their family's.

Educational Pursuits

Education is another reason Americans are moving internationally.  Whether it's to attend a prestigious university or participate in a unique study program, the quest for knowledge leads many to spend time abroad.

Moving Internationally Checklist: How To Move Belongings?

Start with a Plan

Moving internationally begins with a solid plan. First, decide what you really need to bring. Remember, moving stuff across borders isn't cheap or always straightforward.  Think about the essentials and what can be replaced once you arrive.

Understand Shipping Options

When it comes to moving your belongings, you have two main shipping options: Less Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL).  LCL is when your items share a container with others, making it cost-effective for smaller loads. FCL means you get a container for your stuff alone, ideal for a large move. Weigh the pros and cons based on the size of your move and your budget.

Pack Smartly

Packing for an international move is different from packing for a local one. Use sturdy, high-quality boxes and packing materials. Label everything clearly, and consider making a list of what's in each box for easier unpacking and customs checks. Fragile items need extra care and padding.

Handle the Paperwork

Moving internationally involves a lot of paperwork. This includes customs forms, insurance documents, and possibly visas or permits, depending on your destination. Get familiar with the customs regulations of the country you're moving to. Keeping a folder with all your important documents organized and accessible is crucial.

Choose the Right International Mover

Selecting a reputable international moving company is essential. Look for movers with experience in international relocations. They can offer invaluable advice, help with the paperwork, and ensure your belongings are handled properly.

Insurance is Key

Insuring your belongings for an international move is a must. Even with the best planning and packing, the unexpected can happen. Moving insurance can cover loss or damage during transit.

Prepare for Customs

Clearing customs can be one of the most daunting parts of moving internationally. Your mover can guide you through this process, but it's important to know that customs officials will inspect your shipment. Be honest and thorough in your declarations to avoid delays or penalties.

Settling In

Once your belongings arrive, inspect everything carefully for any damage or missing items. This is where your inventory list comes in handy again. Unpack essentials first and gradually set up your new home.

Discover the Cheapest Way To Move Items Overseas

When it comes to moving items overseas on a budget, sea freight is the cheaper choice than air freight. Choosing ocean container shipping allows you to send larger volumes of items at a fraction of the cost compared to air cargo.
For those looking to stretch their dollar even further, Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipping is a savvy choice. It means your belongings share container space with others, cutting down costs significantly. This option is perfect for smaller moves where you don't have enough items to fill an entire container.

Why Choose Freight Calculator?

Want to know more about the most affordable way to move your belongings across the globe? Why not choose Freight Calculator? With our easy-to-use online platform, you can quickly find out which shipping option ocean container, LCL, or air cargo best suits your budget and needs. Our platform stands out by offering transparent, accurate pricing and comprehensive services, making international shipping straightforward and stress-free.  Whether you're downsizing for a minimalist move or transporting a household's worth of memories, Freight Calculator is your go-to resource for cost-effective solutions.
Dive into a hassle-free moving experience and start your journey with confidence. Use Freight Calculator today and discover how we can make your international move more affordable than you thought possible.

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