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Be sure to follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth transition for international-sailings.  APX is licensed and bonded by FMC.

  1. Use the online booking links provided after you receive a quote online for the FASTEST WAY and give us the date you think you will be ready to ship.
  2. You will be issued a Confirmation of Rates and Timeline within 24 to 72 hours via email detailing the sailing timeline based on your ready dates.
  3. Once Confirmation is sent via email ... we call you to go over it and narrow down the exact date for the container to be sent to your location.
  4. You are encouraged to reserve space on the ships without any deposits and there is no commitment from you until you decide to go ahead with the shipment ... simply let us know your timeline so we can reserve one of the weekly sailings at no cost or commitment to you.






Instant International Moving Rates  For Ocean Containers.  Freight Quotes for International Moving of 20 and 40 foot containers to Europe Asia Africa New Zealand Australia Middle East and all major ports Worldwide from all major USA Ports will appear instantly on your screen. Ocean Carrier from east coast west coast Gulf Ports and all inland container yards or rail.  We service all of USA via rail road or via truck to exit port.  Door to Port or Door to Door Worldwide.  We can move the cargo to your destination door with a full detail of your address overseas.  You can load all your personal belongings and household goods by yourself when you move from the USA, you can load 2 cars in a 40 foot container and 1 car in a 20 foot container

  1. If you are shipping a full container we will send you a security seal Container Security with instructions on how to place the seal on the container after it is loaded. 
  2. You will need to report the container number and seal number using this link.
  3. You can load the container at your address with your own crew or you can hire a crew by employing  Labor Ready   5 men x 4 hours = about $300.
  4. No packing materials are provided ... those you purchase moving boxes and supplies, crates, moving kits, furniture supplies and more from ULINE. Once you receive your container for loading you will have 2 hours free to load with a waiting time of $100 per hour thereafter. So be ready packed and have a good crew.  Double Drayage allows you to keep your container for extra days.
  5. Once the container arrives at your location you will sign a receipt with the time and container number.  Once you finish loading write down the container security seal number on the receipt and have the driver sign the receipt as a proof that the container is now in his possession and a seal is attached. Report the container number and security seal to APX using this link
  6. We will use this information to prepare the final bill of lading once cargo is on board the ship.  The bill of lading is proof cargo has departed and we always generate express release bills of lading which are printed at destination as originals.  Our bill of lading will be sent to you as copy via email stating it is an express release bill of lading.
  7. A packing list and government issued I.D. is required prior to loading so we can complete the Shippers Export Declaration (SED) with U.S. Customs. If you are shipping cars or motorcycles we will clear US customs for you a minimum of three days before the container is loaded on board then we return the original titles to you via FEDEX or DHL.
  8. Cars are the last item loaded facing the container door.  You will need to employ a local flat bed truck to raise the car to the level of the container and brace and block the car using wood and nylon straps with a ratchet sold in pairs for $25.  ONLY TWO CARS IN A 40 FT AND ONE CAR IN A 20 FT IS PERMITTED.  WE BRING THE CONTAINER TO YOUR DOOR AND YOU LOAD THE CARS OR YOU CAN BRING THE CARS TO OUR WAREHOUSE (1-10 MILES FROM PORT) AND WE WILL LOAD AND BRACE THE CARS FOR YOU.  RATES ARE POSTED ON THE CALCULATOR


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  1. Booking The FCL Container No Payment Safe Info ...

  2. Packing and Loading Your Container for International Shipping

  3. Receiving and Clearing Cargo Via Customs - Regulations and other country specific consulate office

Shipping Resources:

  1. Crates
  2. Moving Kits
  3. Packers
  4. Loaders
  5. Packing List
  6. Tracking
  7. Container Security




Booking Cargo - Packing - Loading - Security - Import

You are encouraged to reserve space on the ships without any deposits and there is no commitment from you until you decide to go ahead with the shipment ... simply let us know your timeline so we can reserve one of the weekly sailings at no cost or commitment to you. All the points covered in this email will be covered again later.

Freight Calculators:

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