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The international shipping calculators you see above will give you instant freight-quotes.  Choose the nearest origin.

The calculators you see above will be able to calculate all your international-shipping rates from any city in USA.  Choose the nearest origin on each of these systems and calculate the miles from the origin to where your cargo is in USA.   We offer pickup services for LCL and AIR Cargo.  Ocean Container shipping rates include the inland portion form the port to your loading address.  We bring ocean FCL containers from the rail or port to the loading address.  The FCL containers will then rail to the exit load port.  International-Shipping rates are filed with the Federal Maritime Commission to protect the public from unscrupulous shipping companies.  We adhere by the letter of the law.

The international air cargo calculator reflects the way that cargo is moved.  Latin America will show more international destinations out of Miami because Miami is the HUB of the Americas.  Europe is serviced from international airports such as New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Miami.  Los Angeles is the HUB for Asia.  So keeping this in mind you can choose the EXIT airport first such as New York and then choose an ADD-ON city like Kansas City or Indianapolis or Baltimore.  These ADD-On Cities will route via ground the cargo to the international loading airport you choose.  If your shipment is small less than 100 pounds or you have an emergency and you need door to door express EXPRESS AIR



Shipping From USA


Shipping Boxes OverseasFree LCL Storage 30 days.  After 30 days the storage is calculated  per MONTH at $0.05 PER POUND OR .50 per cubic foot with a minimum charge of $25.00 per WAREHOUSE ENTRY.  EXAMPLE AFTER 30 DAYS:  A large 500 POUND pallet 42" x 48" x 84 inches = 98 cubic feet X $0.50 PER CUBIC FOOT = 45.60. per MONTH.  Small cargo will be rated at the minimum MONTHLY rate $25.00

For Household Goods and Personal Effects Please Note:  Although 90% of all Household Goods are loaded by the shipper himself or with the help of a crew at the shippers address, sometimes we can receive Household Goods and Personal Effects at our stations - provided they are packed and not exposed.



Shipping Ocean ContainerTo save time and money 90% of Household Goods shippers load their own container at their home.  Exposed items can be loaded.  You have 2 hrs free and $100 per hour. Drop and pick for a maximum of 4 days can be arranged at double drayage rates.  Containers can only be spotted 7 days prior to sailing as voyages open gates for releasing and receiving containers only 7 days prior to sailing. You can try to load your car using a local flat bed tow truck with straps and braces.


Note:  If you are shipping LCL or AIR CARGO ALL warehouse RECEIVING AND LOADING AND STORAGE charges are included with the exception of palletizing or storage over the initial 1 month free period. All household goods must be palletized.  We do not receive exposed un-boxed household goods at our warehouses.  The final palletized dimensions will be used to re-input the values to the Air Cargo or  LCL Calculators

If you need manpower

If you need packing supplies

Industrial Shippers normally have dock height loading docks and a live load is sufficient.  Receiving hours 8am to 4pm M-F

Shrink Wrapping per pallet (includes empty pallet)

Is quoted on your online LCL rates. USA Warehouse Terminals in USA  Terminals


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