1) The Air Cargo International-Shipping Freight-Calculator will give you automatic pricing from Main ALL-CARGO Airports in USA

2) The MAIN ALL-CARGO Airports are - New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Seattle

3) Not all the destinations are served from each of these origins.  Miami services Latin America for example.

4) If your cargo is departing from Chicago to Latin America then Choose Miami with ADD-ON city Chicago.  The aircraft will depart from Miami but the cargo can be received in Chicago.  Same with destinations such as Africa.  If your cargo is in Los Angeles you might not see your destination from Los Angeles but you will out of New-York.  Once you choose New York, you will see an ADD-ON city Los Angeles.

5) We do door pickups from any of the ADD-ON cities and transfer the cargo to the EXPORT MAIN ALL-CARGO Airport.


International Shipping from the USA. International Shipping Rates are posted in the automatic shipping application. International Shipping From USA takes enormous patience, organization, and attention to details.

Freight-Calculator.Com developed a unique and proprietary online tool that can calculate instant shipping quotes for any type of international shipment instantly on your screen. International-Shipping Freight Calculators performs in seconds and will produce a freight-quote via ocean shipping container, less than the container and air cargo. Your cargo can ship from any city in USA.  See our list of international shipping terminals. 

Freight-Calculator.Com has a broad range of industrial shippers, individuals moving overseas household goods and personal effects who rely on expertise and performance. See our list of references. Freight-Calculator.Com is the founder of one of the most reliable and responsive international ocean shipping networks on earth. Freight-Calculator.Com has developed worldwide cargo alliance of international container shipping rates and include all-inclusive transportation and logistics services. 

Freight-Calculator.Com has also developed unique proprietary tools such as the first automatic sea-freight shipping-calculator for ocean shipping containers and LCL ocean shipping consolidations, and the first air cargo calculator for automatic shipping quotes and online bookings. Our online proprietary international shipping system will automatically advance your international shipments on a step by step process and notify you on every step guaranteeing you the service you deserve at the price you expect. We push information to you (the shipper) even before you ask for it. Ocean cargo rates are updated daily so our instant online calculator is calibrated with the most up to date and competitive shipping rates. Our system is used by government agencies worldwide, regulatory agencies, The United Nations and other organizations worldwide who use the system to ship cargo and to examine shipping costs worldwide for purposes of projections and cost analysis. 

Our ocean freight staff will assist your every concern and provide ocean cargo solutions that will save you time and money. Our international shipping documentation department for Air Cargo and Ocean Freight have years of experience and command the system tools with expertise in order to avoid mistakes that can impact your international shipping cost and timelines. Our international shipping clients include regular individuals who ship goods overseas to Hollywood celebrities, international freight forwarders, exporters, importer, private and public corporations, charitable relief organizations, all with unique international shipping and freight forwarding needs. 

We have a formidable client retention rate over the years because we recognize that service starts by listening and addressing your particular cargo and shipping needs. Our automatic international-shipping cost calculators can assist your every need in seconds from any city in the USA to any of the overseas ports listed. With over 50 warehouse depots in the USA and over 300 offices to serve you overseas; we are ready and able to provide you with automation, efficiencies, performance, and excellent international shipping rates worldwide. We also have the largest overseas presence and rate database amongst any other international shipping company in the world. 

Receive a FREE Instant International-Shipping Freight-Quote by trying our unique instant online international-shipping freight calculators for Sea-Freight Container Shipping and Air cargo. Excellent container shipping rates paired with proven performance and automation will take your business to the next level




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