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Global MAX International Freight Forwarder employs proprietary sophisticated AI to generate international shipping quotes from Boston. Select your preferred service to obtain rates for ocean container or air freight. You can request a reservation without any commitment or deposit. 


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Welcome, we are delighted to have you onboard. We are an industry-leading freight forwarder headquartered in the vibrant city of Boston, delivering unparalleled international shipping services with a blend of professionalism and New England charm. Our team of experts offer a broad range of freight solutions, including sea container shipping and air freight services, all oriented towards the global market directly from the epicenter of the Cradle of Liberty. Our advanced Freight-Calculator platform, nestled within the heart of Kendall Square, ensures the management of your shipments is efficient and seamless.

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Our user-friendly and robust platform, a reflection of the diligent Boston community we serve, allows you to acquire precise shipping quotes, arrange container bookings, and synchronize logistics in one streamlined operation. In line with the spirit of Boston, we value commitment and superior service to meet the high stakes of the ever-evolving shipping industry. Our warehouse and logistics operations in Boston mirror these values, prepared to meet your shipping demands with unparalleled expertise and efficiency.

Air Freight Forwarder

Regardless of your shipping preference, be it Ocean Container or Air Freight, our Boston-based Freight-Calculator provides instant and precise quotes. We understand the critical role affordable shipping plays for businesses, and our platform compares rates with impressive speed, presenting you with the most competitive prices in the market. Our comprehensive services, covering air, sea, and land transportation, guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your cargo. Our platform also extends support for customs clearance and cargo insurance, ensuring a smooth transition from start to finish.

Operating our Freight-Calculator is as straightforward as navigating the beautiful Boston Common. Enter your cargo details, and our intuitive platform rapidly generates quotes, enhancing logistics planning efficiency and conserving your precious time.

A defining feature of our platform is real-time tracking, as reliable as the esteemed Museum of Science. This feature provides timely updates on your shipment's progress, enabling you to stay informed and promptly address potential issues.

As a global freight forwarder with profound roots in Boston, we have established a sturdy network adhering to international safety standards, much like the rigorous standards upheld by the medical and biotech industries that define our city.

Our dedicated customer support team, stationed at the heart of our Boston office, is always ready to assist. We provide expert advice and tailored solutions for your unique shipping needs.

Our Boston-based Freight-Calculator is designed to conserve your time and resources, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. We strive to provide a seamless shipping experience with a service standard as consistently high as a New England summer's temperature.

Choose our leading Boston freight forwarder for all your international shipping needs. Experience the convenience, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of our freight services. Contact our Boston office today to initiate your next shipping journey.

Instant International Shipping Quotes and Bookings: Obtain accurate quotes for your cargo shipments from our Boston-based platform, enabling effective logistics planning and time conservation.

Comprehensive freight services: Our Boston-rooted platform provides air, sea, and land transportation, guaranteeing safe delivery. We also offer support for customs clearance and cargo insurance.

Competitive International Shipping Rates: Benefit from the most competitive rates in the market by comparing prices from multiple carriers on our Boston-based platform, thus minimizing shipping expenses.

User-friendly interface: Experience a streamlined operation with our intuitive, Boston-centric shipping calculator, facilitating quick input of cargo details and effortless quote generation.

Cargo tracking: Keep an eye on your shipment's progress with our real-time tracking feature, receiving timely updates for enhanced peace of mind and efficient issue resolution.

Global Shipping Network: Access our extensive network of reliable carriers and freight forwarders based in Boston, all adhering to international safety standards, for secure and efficient transport.

Expert support: Our dedicated customer support team, anchored in Boston, is always ready to assist, providing expert advice and tailored solutions for your unique shipping needs.

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