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"">Shipping Rate Calculator For Full Container Load Export from USA (FCL)

"">Shipping Rate Calculator For International Air Freight (Air)

"">Shipping Rates For Less Than Container Load Export From USA (LCL)

"">Shipping Rate Calculator For Full Container Load Import To USA (FCL2)

"">Export Shipping Rates From China (FCL3)

"">Import Consolidated Worldwide To Worldwide (LCL2)

"">International Air Cargo Import (Air Cargo Import Rates)

"">Roll on Roll Off (RO-RO)

"">Wholesale Express Small Pack  (Courier)

About Freight-Calculator.Com and Global MAX Network

Global MAX Network's proprietary technology,, revolutionizes the freight forwarding industry by delivering a comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective solution for industrial cargo shipping. Offering a diverse range of features and benefits, this platform is the preferred choice for businesses seeking an all-encompassing logistics solution.

International Shipping Services is an innovative platform that provides instant and precise quotes for cargo shipments, empowering businesses with the ability to confidently plan logistics and expedite decision-making processes. It offers a comprehensive suite of services covering all aspects of cargo shipping, including air, sea, and land transportation, alongside support for customs clearance and cargo insurance.

Container Shipping Rates (FCL)

Leveraging its capability to aggregate prices from multiple carriers, ensures businesses benefit from the most competitive rates in the market, leading to significant savings on shipping expenses. The platform's user-friendly interface enables quick input of cargo details and generation of quotes, streamlining logistics planning and saving valuable time.

Freight-Calculator Shipping Container
Less Than Container Load (LCL) Shipping also incorporates real-time tracking features, allowing businesses to monitor their shipments' progress and receive timely updates, enhancing transparency and providing peace of mind. Its expansive global network of reliable carriers and freight forwarders, all adhering to international safety standards, ensures that cargo is transported safely and securely.

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