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We put service in Customer Service.  We are the cure for all your logistics woes. Trade References, seasoned experts, accurate information, flexibility and performance is what makes us stand out.  Take a tour of our website and get instant shipping rates on the only full scale online shipping database for air and ocean cargo containers and consolidations from USA to worldwide.  Connected to the best sources for reliability and security.

We are quoted in "Building an Import Export Business" Freight Calculator Fourth Edition by Kenneth D. Weiss as being an essential tool in the trade. "Essential reading for anyone concerned with importing and exporting" by the  International Small Business Journal. The Instant Online Freight Calculators and Quote Generators are an essential tool for shippers, entities who perform projections such as government agencies (IMF), and inspections (COTECNA / Bureau Veritas (BIVAC)), and the general public.  Consumers and corporations agree that by utilizing The Freight Calculator they have been able to gain market share, increase their productivity resulting in larger turnover of orders and lower their net operating cost. "The “market” has rewarded our commitment to automation, affordability and quality.  Automation has helped us gain time on the competition and lower our shipping costs while maintaining high customer service standards that have proven to be the decisive factor in choosing a transportation company."

We have an integrated and seamless network for logistics, International Shipping cargo handling and information related to the movement of cargo. In addition to owned brands, an extensive network providing representation and completion of global coverage.  This partnership in global coverage now extends to over 177 offices worldwide in more than 105 countries. Our agency network operates one of the largest point-to-point logistics service organizations in the world.  

We are the only approved ocean carrier offering door-to-door quotes on Air and Ocean services INSTANTLY from any city in the USA.    We are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (N.V.O.C.C.) or O.T.I to produce original shipping documents, and as a Freight Forwarder.  In addition we are approved by the TSA and the FAA as an Indirect Air Carrier (I.A.C.) to engage in air cargo worldwide. 

We adhere to the principles of honesty and fairness without prejudice in all dealings with clients, vendors, agents, regulatory agencies, our employees and the general public.

We are able to give shippers the opportunity to produce copious amounts of  quotes per day allowing users to query air and ocean pricing instantly, thus leveraging the power of the Internet, increasing productivity and lowering overall operating costs. Combined with performance, customer service, attention to details, proven professionals, and a staff that cares, NVOCCLufran makes The NVOCC Network and Freight-Calculator.Com an indispensable tool for shipping overseas. With its GLOBAL HUB in a "Class A" facility with US Customs Brokers in the same building we add to more than 50 other terminals throughout the USA See Global Terminals and over 800 terminals worldwide to serve you.


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