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13x13x17 inches
1.5 cubic feet
0.043 Cubic Meters



18x18x17 inches
3.1 Cubic Feet
0.091 Cubic Meters



18x18x24 inches
4.5 Cubic Feet
0.125 Cubic Meters

Or mix and match:


= one cubic meter
= one cubic meter
= one cubic meter

NOTE: When shipping LCL Ocean Cargo Consolidations per cubic meters  the ocean cargo charge has a minimum of 1 Cubic Meter and then per every 1/100 of a cubic meter so you can end up paying for 1.01 cubic meters and not 2 CBM.  We allow 2000 pounds of weight per CBM, therefore the chances of charging by weight is very low.  You can estimate the weight since  you will never reach that density. Its not that we do not charge by weight its just that the probability of having a dense item is low.  Items like lead weights or heavy liquids will weigh over 2000 pounds per cubic meter.

We charge by size 99.99 % of the time and not by weight ... so measure your cargo and get instant freight quote for LCL Ocean Consolidations on the automatic online freight calculator for shipping-household-goods and industrial cargo.  NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) License 019153NF  Ocean Cargo LCL Shipping Rates

Sometimes is it best to ship by air cargo or air courier instead of ocean due to the minimum charges associated with ocean shipping by the cubic meter, freight, documentation, destination port fees, deconsolidation charges and other possible charges of inspection that may not be present in air cargo. Please go to for air cargo rates.  Ultimately ocean cargo will be much cheaper specially when you have a lot of weight.  go to for ocean cargo rates.


Inches to Cubic Meters: Length" x Width" x Height" divided by 1728 = cubic feet divided by 35.314 = CBM Cubic Meters

Our online ocean consolidations cubic meter calculator will convert all the math and give you instant shipping cost per cubic meter

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