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Freight Calculator Shipping Rates

At Freight-Calculator.Com, we've been revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals calculate their international shipping costs since 1991. Our comprehensive online freight calculators, including the Ocean Container Shipping Rate Calculator and the International Air Freight Calculator, simplify the process of obtaining accurate shipping rates for a variety of needs.

Online Freight Calculator for Shipping

Our online platform provides instant access to freight calculator shipping rates for both ocean container and air freight. Designed to be user-friendly, our calculators make it easy for anyone to get an estimate quickly, without the need for specialized knowledge.

How to Use a Freight Calculator for Shipping Estimates

Using our freight calculators is straightforward. You only need to input the dimensions and weight of your cargo, and the calculator takes care of the rest, presenting you with an estimate that includes all necessary charges, making it easier to budget for your shipping needs.

Benefits of Using a Freight Calculator for Shipping Costs


Our calculators are updated regularly to ensure the rates reflect the current market conditions, offering you accurate and reliable estimates.


By simplifying the calculation process, we save you time and effort, enabling you to make quick and informed shipping decisions.


With access to discounted rates for regular shipments and increased volumes, our calculators can help you find the most cost-effective shipping solutions.

Freight Calculator Shipping Options

Whether you're shipping a full ocean container, a less than container load, or need international air freight services, our calculators provide options to meet every shipping requirement.

Calculating Shipping Costs with a Freight Calculator

Our calculators convert your cargo's dimensions and weight into accurate shipping costs, including additional charges such as fuel surcharges and terminal handling fees. This comprehensive approach ensures there are no surprises when it comes to your shipping budget.

Freight Calculator for International Shipping

For those shipping internationally, our calculators offer rates to over 150 ports worldwide, making it easier to plan for international logistics without the need for multiple quotes from different providers.

Factors that Affect Freight Calculator Shipping Quotes

  • Dimensions and weight of the cargo
  • Destination port and origin
  • Current fuel prices
  • Type of service required (ocean, air, RORO)

Finding the Best Freight Calculator for Shipping Needs

At Freight-Calculator.Com, we pride ourselves on offering reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use freight calculators that meet a broad range of shipping needs, backed by over 30 years of industry expertise.

Using a Freight Calculator to Compare Shipping Rates

Our platform allows you to compare shipping rates quickly, providing you with the information needed to choose the best shipping option for your cargo. This capability is particularly useful for businesses looking to optimize their logistics operations and individuals seeking cost-effective shipping solutions.

With Freight-Calculator.Com, you can trust that you're getting not just a tool to calculate shipping costs but a comprehensive solution designed to make international shipping as straightforward and cost-effective as possible. Our commitment to transparency, clear pricing, and industry expertise makes us a trusted choice for all your international shipping needs.

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