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Understanding the intricate steps and procedures is fundamental when planning for car export. This comprehensive guide is tailored to provide a thorough walkthrough of container-based car export procedures and essential documentation.  Following these streamlined procedures will ensure a seamless car export process. Your vehicle is ready for international transit, adhering to efficient car export procedures while ensuring safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Document Preparation for Construction Equipment

A. Heavy Machinery Export 
Scan and email both sides of the title, along with your I.D. and Tax ID number or foreign passport, to the operations department before sending the original title to Post approval, mail the original title or M.S.O. to the Car Export Hub Dept, along with a completed export power of attorney form, available at 

Export Container

1. Position the car so all wheels touch the container's floor.
2. Brace the wheels with 2 x 4 wooden planks and secure with ratchet straps.
3. Position the car in reverse, facing the container door, via a flatbed tow truck when the container arrives.
4. If shipping personal belongings as well, load the car last.
5. Place items inside the vehicle but keep the driver's side free.
6. Ensure the vehicle's gas tank is less than 1/4 full and disconnect the battery.
7. Maintain at least one foot of clearance between the back of the vehicle and the container door.
B. Receipt of Booking Number and Dock Receipt
After document submission, you'll receive a booking number and dock receipt, which includes details for the car's transfer to the dock or container loading.
C. Car Delivery and Confirmation
If you opt to load the car inside the container or deliver it to the port or warehouse, send the stamped dock receipt to the operations department. Alternatively, provide the seal number and the container number.
D. Receipt of Bill of Lading
Once the car has been shipped, you'll receive a copy of the bill of lading.

Vehicle Declaration Form

Fill and sign the Vehicle Declaration Form, providing the necessary vehicle details. Acknowledge potential shipment delays, ensure the vehicle's cleanliness and fuel level, and comply with relevant U.S.C.G. regulations. Lastly, provide your contact details, then sign and date the form.


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