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Understanding International Shipping Cost

Explore a detailed breakdown of international shipping costs, including freight, bunker adjustment factors, warfage, and more. Learn how to optimize your shipping expenses with our comprehensive guide and free freight-calculator and freight-quote audit service. Select your preferred service option to instantly access cargo shipping cost directly on-screen.



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International Shipping Freight Cost Calculator

Understanding International Ocean Container Shipping Cost

International shipping involves various charges, fees, and procedures that can be complex to navigate. At Freight Calculator, we aim to make this process as transparent and straightforward as possible. Here's a breakdown of a typical full container shipping quote, followed by detailed explanations of each charge to help you understand how international shipping costs are calculated.



Typical Full Container Shipping Quote

Description Value Rate Qty. Amount

  1. Freight (HOUSEHOLD GOODS) 20' Container $3,217.00 1 $3,217.00

  2. Bunker Adjustment Factor [BAF Charges] 20' Container $190.00 1 $190.00

  3. Warfage 4.54 MT $2.00 - $9.08

  4. Bill Of Lading - - - $50.00

  5. AMS Filing Fees - - - $15.00

  6. Terminal Handling Charges - - - $150.00

  7. Residential Pickup Charges - - - $400.00

  8. Surcharge for Personal Effects (with or without Cars) - - - $400.00

  9. Drayage to Loading Area (11 - 50 Miles) - $980.00 1 $980.00

  10. Fuel Surcharge - - - $490.00

  11. Customs Brokerage Fee - - - $550.00

  12. Delivery Charges (1 - 10 Miles) - $280.00 1 $280.00

  13. Shippers Declaration (Over $2,500.00) $10,000.00 - - $50.00

  14. Total - - - US $6,781.08

International Shipping Cost General Conditions

  1. Freight: This is the cost for transporting goods from the origin city in the USA to the destination port, excluding pickup or drayage charges and delivery from the destination port. It includes the rental of the container.

  2. Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF): A fuel adjustment fee due to fluctuating market conditions.

  3. Warfage: A charge per metric ton by USA ports.

  4. Bill Of Lading: The document issued as proof of export and for collecting your cargo at the destination.

  5. AMS Filing Fees - Filing Fees For the NRA Negotiated Rate Agreement

  6. Terminal Handling Charges: Destination Port Charges or Origin Port Charges

  7. Residential Pickup Charges: Drayage to Residences cost more.

  8. Surcharge for Personal Effects: Applies to the Ocean Freight For the Commodity

  9. Drayage, Fuel Surcharge: Fuel for the Drayage of the Container to and from port.

  10. Customs Brokerage Fee: Destination Clearance Fees for the Entry of Paperwork

  11. Delivery Charges: Delivery of Container to the Destination Address

  12. Shippers Declaration: Any declaration over 2500 has to be registered with Customs

  13. Insurance, destination charges, duties, or taxes are not included unless specified.

  14. Rates are valid for 30 days and subject to confirmation at the time of booking.

  15. Detailed procedures for booking, packing, and documentation requirements are provided to ensure a smooth shipping process.

  16. Procedure to Start Shipping

  17. Request sailing days via the online Letter of Instruction.

  18. Prepare necessary documents, including a packing list and wood packing declaration.

  19. Complete a Shippers Export Declaration for values over $2,500.

  20. Receive a booking confirmation with all the details needed to proceed. For more detailed information on each step and additional charges, visit our website at Freight Calculator.

Optimizing Your Shipping Cost

Our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and hassle-free shipping experience. With competitive pricing, timely delivery, and expert support, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Our professionals are available 24/7 for any queries or concerns.

International Freight Cost Calculator

Audit Your Shipping Quote

  1. We offer an AUDIT service to potentially secure a better price based on your ready date. 

  2. By selecting "Approve," you initiate the AUDIT and confirmation of your shipping quote without any deposit or contractual obligation. 

  3. This crucial step ensures you receive accurate pricing and availability on the vessel.

  4. To begin, please complete the "Shipper's Letter of Instruction" (SLI) available on our website: Shipper's Letter of Instruction. This document is key to streamlining your shipping experience. For a clearer understanding of the process, watch our informative video: Understanding the SLI Process.

  5. Within 72 hours of SLI completion, you'll receive a detailed Confirmation of Rates and Availability, including essential details such as the Carrier, Vessel Name, Voyage Number, and slot rate validity. 

  6. A Booking Confirmation will outline the final charges, tailored to your specific shipping dates and distances.

Drayage Service and Packing List Options

Our drayage service includes the first two hours complimentary, with a subsequent rate of $100 per hour. For more information, view our video: Drayage Service Explained.

For your packing list, you may use our Sample Packing List or request our Larger Excel Packing List File for additional space. Assistance with preparing your document is available for a fee.

Customs and Border Protection Export (CBP) Filing

  1. The SED Filing with CBP is included in your quote.

  2. To facilitate this, please provide the required information as soon as possible, including addresses in the USA and the destination country, EIN# for values over $2,500, packing list, tax ID of the receiving party, and notify party details.

Additional Services and Charges

  1. Customs Clearance at Destination: 

  2. Customs Broker Fees do not include duties or taxes.

  3. Delivery at Destination: Delivery To Door At Destination. Unloading is not included and is based on live unloading.

  4. Shipper Owned Container Surcharge: A Certificate of Seaworthiness is required for shipper-owned containers.

  5. Please note that insurance, destination charges, duties, or taxes are not included unless specified. For more details, visit our insurance conditions and bill of lading conditions pages.

Understanding Freight Cost Calculator International

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