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The First Global Air-Freight Calculator is still the best and most complete freight-calculator.  Global MAX International Air Freight Shipping employs proprietary sophisticated A.I. to generate international air freight quotes, bookings and reservations on All-Cargo Aircraft.  You can also select ground pickup and customs clearance and delivery overseas and the freight calculator will give you instant quotes.  Select your preferred service to obtain rates for air freight door to door or airport to airport and any combination.. You can request a reservation without any commitment or deposit. Upon approving the schedule, shipping can commence. Since 1991 we cater to both industrial and personal cargo.

Welcome, we are delighted to serve you with our leading Air Cargo services. Our robust network of professionals, supported by our A.I. driven Freight-Calculator platform, promises reliable and efficient freight solutions, managing your shipments smoothly.

Air Ship Rate Calculator

International Air Cargo Freight Rate Calculator

Our Freight-Calculator provides automatic, real-time quotes for Air Cargo rates.

Operating our Freight-Calculator is as effortless. Just input your cargo details, and our user-friendly platform instantly generates Air Cargo quotes in seconds, enhancing logistics planning efficiency and conserving your precious time.

Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist, providing expert advice and tailored solutions for your unique Air Cargo needs.

Our Freight-Calculator produces accurate Air Cargo rates. Understanding the pivotal role of affordable shipping for businesses, our platform rapidly give you the All-Cargo Aircraft rates, presenting the most competitive prices in the market. Our services, primarily efficient in ocean transportation, guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your cargo Worldwide.

Air Cargo Ship Rate Calculator

Air Forwarding Shipping

A prominent feature of our Global MAX platform is real-time Air-Freight quotes. This functionality provides real-time updates empowering you to stay informed and promptly address any potential issues. With a primary focus on the main air transit hubs we ensure broad coverage Worldwide

With an expansive network of dependable carriers adhering to international safety standards, we ensure secure and efficient transportation of your cargo.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence Powered Ocean Shipping Worldwide

Our A.I. powered Freight-Calculator, designed to conserve your time and resources, allows you to focus on your core business activities. We strive to provide a seamless Air Cargo experience with a unique service standard.

Choose us for all your international Air Cargo shipments. Experience the convenience, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of our freight services. 

International Air Cargo

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