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Automatic container shipping rates and bookings online instantly. Freight-Calculator.Com quotes ocean container shipping cost in seconds. Founded in 1991 as a fully licensed and bonded shipping company.  Freight Calculator.Com developed the first online freight calculator in 2001. We are not a broker, we are the international shipping company. Air and Ocean Shipping Calculators are programmed with the most competitive shipping rates in the industry.

International Shipping Freight Calculators give you instant rates. For assistance filling out the online shipping calculators please call toll free 877-597-0258.  

Booking request are confirmed within 24 to 72 hours.  Ocean Containers can be reserved without a deposit. LCL Shipping by ocean is confirmed prior to cargo acceptance so you can bring the ocean cargo or air cargo to our warehouse terminals located nationwide shipping to the following list of countries

  • Select from over 50 origins in USA to over 400 overseas cities and ports worldwide.  SHIPPING LINKS: Freight-Calculator  /  Shipping Worldwide    International Shipping Resources  /  Shipping Terminals in USA / Table of Ports For Ro-Ro International Car Shipping / Ocean Freight Forwarders What is a Cubic Meter? / References



    Ocean Container Sizes

    Standard 20' Container

    Standard 40' Container

    40' Hi-Cube Container

    Ocean Container Capacity

    32.9 CBM (1,161 CF.)

    67 CBM  (2,366 CF.)

    75.6 CBM (2,671 CF.)

    Ocean Container Payload

    38,000 lbs

    43,000 lbs..

    43,000 lbs.

    Container Tare Weight

    5,138 lbs.

    9,151 lbs.

    9,658 lbs.

    Choose the nearest origin Port or Rail-Ram in USA to calculate ocean shipping rates.  Ocean Container shipping rates include the inland portion form the port to your loading address. Just choose the miles from port or rail ramp to your loading city. For assistance in filing our the online calculator form or any questions regarding the results of the online freight quote please call toll free any time 877-597-0258
    Ocean Container Quotes include the drayage or the transportation cost of the ocean container to your loading address.  Your ocean container charges are not based on weight however, as of June 1, 2016 All Ocean Shipping FCL Containers must have exact VGM weight = Verified Gross Mass.  In order to accomplish this we are stopping in the scales prior to loading and stopping in scales after loading.  If you are an industrial client this will not affect your ocean shipping charges if you know your gross weight.   If you have the VGM weight, scale weight is not needed.   We encourage all commercial shipments to have correct VGM otherwise we will need to stop at the weight stations.  All Household Goods and Personal Effects Shipments will need to go through the scales at the weight stations.  All weight station charges throughout the USA are $150.00 should they be required.  LCL Shipping Rates For Household Goods Include pallet and shrink wrapping at our warehouse CFS locations throughout the United States.  Once the cargo is palletized it will increase in volume and that final volume will be the chargeable volume for LCL Shipping Ocean Consolidations.  Ocean Container Shipping Rates are fixed and posted online.

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